BOSCH IXO 3.6 V - Li Cordless Screwdriver

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BOSCH IXO 3.6 V - Li Cordless Screwdriver

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BOSCH IXO 3.6 V - Li Cordless Screwdriver

The IXO is more than just a pretty face--this small and handy tool can take on a wide range of everyday screw driving tasks around the home. Anybody who is moving house, refurbishing or simply needs to re-tighten a few screws won't want to do without this powerful partner. It can help users to accomplish all kinds of screw driving applications in all materials and with all types of screws (up to 5 mm screw diameter) as this compact tool is designed to offer complete ease of use.

The IXO is packed with other indispensable features. The work light is handy for working in dark areas. The forward/reverse indicator and charge level indicator on the top make the tool easy to operate, while the ergonomically-shaped handle with its large soft grip surface provides a better and more comfortable hold. The magnetic bit holder keeps the bits firmly in place and allows extremely fast bit changes.

Since its introduction in 2003, the IXO has been developed carefully from a single screw driver to a lifestyle product and an icon in its class. In comparison to its predecessor, the upgraded version of the IXO comes with 30% more power due to new motor and improved electronics. It features now 4.5 Nm torque and 215 rotations per minute (predecessor: 3 Nm, 185 rpm) for a steady and perceivable better performance when driving in screws.

Thanks to Lithium-Ion technology and the 3.6 V (4.5 Ah) battery the IXO is extremely small and lightweight at only 300 grams. The Lithium-Ion technology ensures that there is no battery self-discharge, which means that the IXO is always ready for use. The battery has no memory effect as well, which means it can be recharged at any time without losing capacity over its lifetime. The IXO will be fully recharged within 5 hours.

The Right-Angle Adapter sets the screwdriver head at up to eight different angles, letting you drive screws even around corners

Reach into the Tightest Corners with the Right-Angle Adapter

This IXO package comes with two adapters which transform the IXO into a special screw driving system for use in areas that a regular screwdriver couldn't go. The adapters are easy to attach and make the IXO even more versatile.

The Right-Angle Adapter sets the screwdriver head at up to eight different angles, letting you drive screws even around corners.

Always to Hand with the Integrated Suspension

The IXO features a suspension hook integrated into the ergonomic handle, which can be attached to a band or cord, so it's always to hand and easy to carry from one DIY project to another.

Smart-Looking, Innovative Packaging and Storage

The IXO comes complete in a high quality tin box with embossed design elements, making it a great-looking gift. The inside of the box is fitted with a smart inlay for easy storage of the IXO, charger and accessories. Alternatively, the tool can be stored outside the tin on its practical charging station, ready to use when you need it. Please note that all accessories are usable within IXO Generations from 2007 (IXO III and following models).


 The Bosch IXO 4 screwdriver is powered by lithium ion  technology

The Advantages of Lithium-Ion Technology

Tools with lithium-ion technology are ready for use practically all of the time. Regardless of whether the battery is fully charged, partially charged or flat, you can put it in the charging station without having to worry about self-discharge or memory effect.

 Because of lithium ion technology, Bosch li-ion power tools have power that is available six times longer than tools with conventional NiCad batteries

Small Tools, Big Progress--Simply Remarkable

Bosch lithium-ion cordless tools like the IXO are ready for use quickly. Even after a period of 4 months on standby, a fully charged lithium-ion battery is still charged to approximately 85%. This means that Bosch Power is available to you for six times longer than that of conventional NiCd batteries.

 The  Bosch IXO 4 screwdriver is ready when you are because of lithium ion technology

Full Power at all Times

No self-discharge, no memory effect: constant battery capacity over the entire lifetime. Always ready when you are thanks to lithium-ion technology.

 The Bosch IXO 4 screwdriver has smaller batteries because of lithium ion technology

Same Battery Power at Half the Size

Due to the lithium-ion technology, the size and weight of the batteries are reduced by approximately 60% compared to conventional nickel cadmium batteries--although they offer the same amount of power.

  The Bosch IXO 4 screwdriver is compact in design because of lithium ion technology

Batteries That Withstand the Elements

The intelligent electronic cell protection Bosch ECP protects the lithium-ion batteries against excessive temperatures and overload, giving them a particularly long lifetime.

 The Bosch IXO 4 screwdriver is compact in design because of lithium ion technology

High Power, Low Weight

Bosch cordless tools with lithium-ion technology impress with their very compact design, low weight and very good ease of use. This saves you a lot of effort when doing those DIY jobs.

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Spesifikasi - BOSCH IXO 3.6 V - Li Cordless Screwdriver

Technical Details

Part Number 0603981075
Item Weight 1.1 Kg
Product Dimensions                    21 x 16.2 x 10.4 cm
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Item model number 0603981075
Power Source Cordless
Voltage 3.6
Batteries Included? Yes
Batteries Required? No
Battery Cell Type Lithium Ion

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