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Perahu Karet Zebec 480 AR

Brand dari: ZEBEC

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Perahu Karet Zebec Armada Rescue 480 AR (10 Person)

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Perahu Karet Zebec 480 AR

Large 49 - 58 cm Tube Diameter, Super Tough, with the Safest Structure

The  Armada  Rescue  transom boats, which are the strongest and biggest group of boats,  have been used by the military,  for  rescue,  and commercially for many years.   Recently this model has become popular   with   scuba  divers,   too.   The   main    features  of  the  Armada  Rescue  are  its  large  tube diameters and its substantial load capacity, with room enough for 8 - 12 persons.

Incredible Performance & Durability

The strong,  keeled,  V - shape hull  of these boats  maximizes performance.  Our 450AR can reach over 50 km / h with only a 40 hp outboard motor.  And the top wear patches add a second layer of material on the top of the main tubes. This tough reinforcement enables you to enjoy long-lasting boating pleasure.

Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, or Plastic Floor

The  standard  floor  system of   this series is a painted marine plywood  floorboard.   However,  you can order an aluminum floorboard system as  an option for your  boat.  And  specifically,  the  SE420AR  has   a  third  option of plastic floorboard system. We have a wide variety of flooring systems for all models.

Beli Perahu Karet Zebec 480 AR dengan harga kompetitif dan cari produk dari Marine Equipment, Gratis antar Jakarta dan dapat dikirim keseluruh Indonesia. Dapatkan hanya di toko online kucari, belanja online mudah dan aman.

Spesifikasi - Perahu Karet Zebec 480 AR

Standard Features

  • ABS transform with splash guards
  • All around rope lacing for secure grip
  • Stainless steel d-rings for easy towing
  • Lifting handles
  • Front bow handle
  • Oar handle
  • Rub strake going all around hull and under inflatable keel
  • Two layers of fabric on lower tuber for double abrasion and puncture protection

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