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GPS Geodetic Spectra Epoch 10 L1

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GPS Geodetic Spectra Epoch 10 L1

EPOCH GPS Receiver - EPOCH 10

GPS Geodetic EPOCH 10 system integrates a survey-grade receiver with the Spectra Precision Recon data collector - a proven, ultra-rugged field solution designed especially for tough surveying conditions.

  • Affordable GPS solution
  • Survey-grade L1 GPS receiver
  • L1 GPS antenna
  • Recon data collector
  • Spectra Precision FieldSurveyor software
  • Spectra Precision Survey Office software
  • Field-proven technology

Spectra Precision EPOCH 10 GPS System is a completely integrated L1 GPS post-processed solution. It combines an L1 GPS receiver, an antenna and a rugged handheld Spectra Precision Recon data collector. The EPOCH 10 operates without line-of-sight between points, and it can operate day or night in just about any weather.

Additionally, the EPOCH 10 System includes fully integrated software for field and office. Spectra Precision Field Surveyor* software runs on the Recon, working in the field to collect and manage the data. When you return to the office, download the data to Survey Office for post processing. Spectra Precision Field Surveyor* GPS technology for L1 GPS delivers superior satellite tracking, faster measuring, optimal precision and lower power usage. Plus, the GPS antenna resists unwanted signal interference that may give inaccurate measurements.

The GPS receiver simply fits into the CompactFlash (CF) slot of the Recon and is protected by a customized CF cap that fits securely over the receiver. The compact, lightweight Recon comes with a 15-hour battery, and you can operate the Recon with the EPOCH 10 system for up to eight hours without recharging the battery.

*In North America, Interlock software is the field software for the GPS Geodetic EPOCH 10. Interlock Geodetic Controller runs on the Recon and enables you to capture the GPS data in the field. Interlock helps you configure, control and manage L1 GPS surveys and was designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. With a job wizard, map control and layer management options, you can get the data you need for each project.

Beli GPS Geodetic Spectra Epoch 10 L1 dengan harga kompetitif dan cari produk dari GPS, Gratis antar Jakarta dan dapat dikirim keseluruh Indonesia. Dapatkan hanya di toko online kucari, belanja online mudah dan aman.

Spesifikasi - GPS Geodetic Spectra Epoch 10 L1

Paket Penjualan:

  • 2 x GPS receiver
  • 2 x External Antenna
  • 2 x Specta Recon Data Collector
  • 2 x Tribrach
  • 2 x Tripod
  • 1 x Spectra precision survey office software

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